Intermission: Moving Onward"It may be necessary to retrace from where you left it off, so that you don't lose track of where you're heading."
Starting from an attempt to forage into causing a great disturbance between wild Pokémon, the group boarded themselves inside the flying airship, better known as the 'Behemoth' and turned its direction opposite of the seemingly unfinished brawl down below to make their way further from their reach. As the turbines began to spin, the flying ship is propelled forward, making their leave as soon as possible before any of the wild Pokémon could ever take a glance upon the ship's departure.

With the airship that carried its passengers hovering steadily in the midair, the group takes their time for a quick rest or perhaps, minding their own businesses in wait of what will their next move turn out to be. That is, before they'd gather up once more in the deck to discuss of said matter.

Just above the wooden ce…